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Harry Quantum 2: Unmasked Harry Quantum 2: Unmasked

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's a great throwback at the old lucasart/Monkey Island classics - execution is flawless, the storyline fun as hell - I'd call that an instant classic: well done Sir!

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Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not really a review

Obviously, this is not really a review, as it would be kinda pointless to review my own game :) (but I'm still sly enough to give it a 10)

I'm the artist that worked with Squize on Outpost (and Ionic, which was one of our first collaboration).

I've been more than delighted reading the reviews you guys took the time to write: some are obviously greater than others, but nevertheless, it's great when you spent quite a chunk of time working on something, to see that it is actually appreciated by the community. so thank you! (and for the ones that hated the game, well, you have ample choice of other stuff to sink your teeth in, in this site)

As a side note, speaking of references and inspiration - I can testify that Squize knew nothing of dead space before I mentioned it - I had played the demo quite some time before working on Outpost, and, as a matter of fact, bought them both after the Outpost release, since it was mentioned so often in the comments.

Affiliation with Dead Space look-and-feel, however, is not accidental: when I started working on Outpost, I built a library of countless games and movies, to get a sense of the look and feel I was aiming for - Dead space was among the references, as well as the whole Alien quadrilogie, Blade Runner, Pandorum, Abyss, Alien Swarm, etc...

Now, inspiration doesn't mean we did a carbon copy: i do believe that our game has its own visual identity - we are just not hiding our references, but instead, celebrating them. Anybody can have a difference stance on this, I just thought I'd share mine...

Finally, to close this short prose (I can't reply as a dev, like Squize do!) I'd say that some level design and ideation has started on Outpost's sequel: if you liked the first one, you should be very very happy: more level diversity, refreshed and new monsters, and exciting action pieces should take Outpost's sequel to the next level.

If you have any artistic skills (music, art, etc) I'd love to see a compendium of your creations at some point, so don't hesitate to send them our way! We will find a way to feature them prominently when we are about to launch the sequel!

Thanks for the feedback and the plays - looking forward much much more :)

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Squize responds:

Yeah, so take that bitches ;)